General Administration Division

Within the central office of the university, the General Administration Division is entrusted with facilitating all purchasing endeavors, spanning the acquisition of goods, construction and repair materials, consulting services, and various other essential services. This branch meticulously orchestrates procurement processes, ensuring seamless transactions to meet the diverse needs of the institution.

Additionally, the General Administration Division assumes responsibility for the management of storage facilities, conducting regular inspections to safeguard physical assets across the university's premises. These assets encompass vital infrastructure such as administrative and classroom buildings, warranting meticulous care and upkeep to maintain optimal functionality.

Furthermore, this division is vested with the crucial task of preserving the tranquility and security of the university's faculty, overseeing measures to uphold peace and safety within the campus environment. This entails managing essential utilities such as drinking water and electricity, ensuring uninterrupted services vital to the daily operations of the institution.

Moreover, the General Administration Division undertakes the registration and documentation of incoming and outgoing correspondence, meticulously maintaining records to facilitate efficient communication within the university community. Additionally, it spearheads the management of any specialized programs housed within the central office, catering to the diverse needs of faculty members and stakeholders.

In tandem with the central office's overarching administrative functions, a dedicated General Administration Branch operates autonomously to streamline administrative processes. This branch collaborates closely with the procurement section, providing essential support in areas such as purchasing, construction, and maintenance activities.

Complementing the core functions of the General Administration Division, ancillary branches including the Urgent Service and Inquiry Branch and the Invoice Branch play pivotal roles in facilitating swift and efficient service delivery. Together, these branches form a cohesive organizational structure, harmonizing efforts to uphold the university's operational efficiency and excellence.

Major tasks of General Administration Division

  • Advising the Dean to prepare policies and plans related to general administration.
  • To conduct annual audit of all the material assets of the Faculty and constitute College and to prepare or to have an annual report on the same.
  • To keep records of physical assets (land, buildings, vehicles, etc.) of the Faculty and College, or cause them to be kept, and cause them to be protected.
  • To prepare or conduct the annual plan of the physical audit of the faculty and the college.
  • To prepare a plan for the maintenance of the physical property of the faculty and the college and to make arrangements for the purchase according to the rules.
  • Appraisal and storage of the purchased goods in the faculty and private colleges should be done according to the rules.
  • Arranging the arrangements for inspecting the quality of faculty and private colleges and giving necessary instructions.
  • To prepare or arrange to make a cost estimate project proposal for the new project required for the faculty and the private college.
  • To act or cause to act in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University.
  • Acting as Head of General Administration Department
  • To manage or arrange the activities related to the purchase of foreign goods.
  • To maintain and maintain the movable and immovable property of the Faculty and Angic College as well as to keep or cause to be kept up-to-date.
  • To make arrangement to keep the work related to the registration and invoice of the public relations letter neat and tidy.
  • Collecting the demand for necessary goods, planning the purchase and making a plan based on the inventory or the university
  • To purchase or procure according to the rules.
  • Proper deployment of vehicle drivers and office assistants.
  • Conducting management work for conducting training, seminars, symposiums, international symposiums, congresses, conferences and other such programs organized by the University.

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