Inspection Division

The Inspection Division stands as a cornerstone within the university's organizational framework, entrusted with the vital responsibility of fortifying the institution's internal control mechanisms. At its core, this department is committed to upholding the university's esteemed reputation, ensuring transparency in financial endeavors, and fostering a culture of fiscal prudence.

Central to its mission is the cultivation of an effective internal control system, designed to uphold the university's integrity and bolster its standing within the academic community and beyond. By meticulously scrutinizing financial activities, offering guidance on prudent expenditure, and championing transparency, the Inspection Division plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the university's fiscal health and credibility.

Key responsibilities of the Inspection Division include:

  1. Maintaining Transparency: Ensuring that the university's financial transactions are conducted with utmost transparency, thereby preserving trust and confidence among stakeholders.

  2. Promoting Frugality: Providing necessary directives to instill a culture of frugality in the university's expenditure, optimizing resource utilization for maximum impact.

  3. Enhancing Efficiency: Proactively identifying avenues to enhance efficiency in financial operations, offering insights and recommendations to streamline processes and improve outcomes.

  4. Conducting Internal Audits: Regularly conducting internal audits across the university's various departments, faculties, and offices to evaluate compliance with established policies and procedures.

  5. Policy and Planning Support: Advising and supporting the university in formulating policies and plans related to internal control, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives and regulatory requirements.

  6. Guidelines and Procedures: Developing and implementing comprehensive procedures and guidelines for internal audit and control, fostering consistency and adherence to best practices.

  7. Reputation Management: Maintaining records of the university's reputation and recommending strategies to mitigate reputational risks, safeguarding its standing in the academic community.

  8. Committee Representation: Participating in designated positions within the university's Dismissal Committee, offering necessary opinions and recommendations on disqualification requests.

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