Directorate of Research and Extension (DoREX)


Dr. Rishi Ram Kattel

Mr. Ram Hari Timilsina
Deputy Director

Research and extension, alongside teaching, are mandatory functions at AFU as envisioned in its Act (2010). To facilitate these integrated roles, the Directorate of Research and Extension (DoREX) has been established. AFU envisions the integration of teaching with research and extension, with the following objectives:

  1. to generate scientific information to help solve current problems in agriculture, animal sciences, and
  2. to establish research as one of the mandatory functions of the university system, contributing
    meaningfully to the overall development of agriculture, animal sciences, and forestry sectors,
  3. to operate in a Land-Grant Model (LGM) considering teaching, research, and extension as tri-
    patriotic and valuable components of the university system, and
  4. to strengthen the university's teaching system through quality research and extension integration,
    maintaining links to government extension and research bodies.