Center for Biotechnology (CFB)

Lab Facilities

  1. Molecular Unit: Separate unit for plant and animal biotechnology with DNA/RNA isolation, DNA/RNA/Protein quantification (Nanodrop), Conventional and Real Time PCR, Agarose gel and gel documentation system, Western Blot, ELISA
  2. Sterilization Unit: Cleaning and Autoclaving
  3. Refrigeration Unit: -80, -20, +4 degree
  4. Microbiology Unit: Bacterial culture and identification
  5. Animal Cell Culture and Embryo Unit
  6. Biochemistry Unit
  7. Plant Tissue Culture Unit: Under installation
  8. Virology Unit: Under construction
  9. Vaccinology Unit: Under construction
  10. Lab Animal Facility: Rat and Mice
  11. Hypoxic Chambers: For in vivo studies (Rat and Mice)
  12. Animal Experimental Unit: One place for rat and two places for mice; micro surgery using microscope, software based recording of vital parameters during experimentation
  13. Histology: Tissue processing, paraffin embedding, sectioning, staining and microscopy-with analytical software

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