Directorate of Museum (DoM)

First Floor


This part clearly displays the identification of around 50 species of different diseases, which infect forest trees and vegetation and measures to control their infections.


This section depicts conventional and unconventional energy sources and their importance in day to day life through some models like solar cooker, windmill, solar drier, solar lamp, improved chulo & so others.


This unit is a storehouse for plant specimens (herbs, shrubs, trees) of Nepal and other countries and comprise around 1000 species. Equipped with 41 herbarium boxes and separate and cabins for officers, this also has sofa sets to facilitate sitting for working students.

Data Bank & Fossil corner

Its purpose is to keep fossils of plants and animals after collection and also maintains their records.

Seed Museum

This section depicts around 400 species of seeds of different forest species. There are seed index cabinet, Seed germination chamber, seed collection equipments and a revolving drum displaying different information about seed collection and germination.

Newspapers & Magazines

Newspapers & Magazines are displayed in this section, having a seating capacity of 14 equipped with reading table, magazine stands and newspaper stands.


This section comprises of 4 separate chambers for officers & a large hall of 160 sq. m. furnished with reading tables, index cabinets, file cabinets, book trolley. Book almirah, are meant for keeping the records i.e. life history uses, pests & diseases & all necessary information regarding flora & fauna of Nepal.


The library block has three different wings. The library collections emphasize forestry and natural resource management, basic sciences, agriculture. It has a good collection of documents, project papers, Masters & PhD thesis, research reports and scholarly articles. This library block is divided into three different wings:

  • Library-I: It has a seating capacity of 128. (This sections for general students, and equipped with steel book racks, reading table, index cabinet & steel book cases)
  • Library-II: It has a seating capacity of 53. (This wing consists of fixed type single arrangement for research & studies.)
  • Library-III: It has a seating capacity of 34. (This is especially for teaching faculties and researchers.)

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