Directorate of Museum (DoM)

Ground Floor

General Section

This arterial section entirely depicts overall presentation with modules, pictures, photographs, maps/charts about environmental problems & measures taken to solve them have been mounted on the walls and presented on around 1140 panel boards.

Harvesting Operation & Logging

This block of floor area 160 sq. m. shows different methods of felling trees, hauling and transportation system in different topographical regions of Nepal.

Forest Management System

This block shows indigenous and traditional management systems applied for different types of forest. It also shows preventive measures taken on flood occurring in plain areas.

Minor Forest Product

Presently called Non-Timber Forest Products, this section shows around 200 species and different articles other than timber which are important from economic point of view such as medicinal plants, resins, fibers, etc.

Social Forestry

This block of 160 sq. m. well equipped with both side glass exhibits, and shows recent trends in the forestry management involving communities in forestry activities & managing forest for social benefits.


This section shows around 65 different species of insects attacking plants & remedial measures to prevent them.


This block shows 50 various species of wood from different regions and different uses of timber and other forest products i.e. how timber is used in daily life and its role in engineering and other fields.

Fish & Birds of Nepal

This unit comprises a collection indigenous birds & fishes of Nepal. There are around 90 specimens of birds shown for hill to low altitude areas and kept in 12 racks.

Wildlife and National Park

This block is well equipped with double side glass exhibit boards showing the National Parks, sanctuaries in Nepal. Visitors can see three ecosystems: Himalayas, Tropical Forest and Wetland ecosystem.

Audio Visual

This is a small auditorium with a 75 viewer capacity where short films, transparencies can be shown to students and visitors. This section is well equipped with the facilities of movie camera, digital camera, multimedia projector, slide projector.

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